Siglent SDG810 Signal Generator Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator 10MHz

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SDG800 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator is equipped with maximum output frequency of 5 MHZ, 10 MHZ, 30 MHZ, and 125 MSa/s sampling rate. With the new innovated EasyPulse technology, SDG800 can generate pulse of low jitter, quick rising/falling edge regardless of frequency effect, while the duty cycle, edge and pulse width could be widely and accurately adjusted. SDG800 is much superior in performance to similar DDS signal generator.

Main Features:
1.    Advanced DDS technology,125MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution

2.        Single channel output, 5 kinds of standard waveforms, built-in 46 kinds of arbitrary waveforms (including DC)

3.        Complete modulation functions: AM, DSB-AM,FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep  and burst

4.        Innovative EasyPulse technology, can output pulse of low jitter, quick rising/falling edge

5.        Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, support U-Disk storage and software update

6.        Provide 10 nonvolatile storage spaces for user’s arbitrary waveforms

7.        Be capable of seamlessly connected to SIGLENT Digital Storage Oscilloscope

8.        Configurable with powerful arbitrary waveform editing software EasyWave

Design Features

 Figure 1  Comparison of edge under 1KHz pulse signal

As shown in figure 1, under 1KHz frequency, EasyPulse can keep quick rising/falling edge (20ns) while the edge of ordinary DDS is very slow.

Figure 2  Comparison of edge adjusting range under 1KHz pulse signal

As shown in figure 2, EasyPulse edge adjustment has a wide range, while ordinary DDS pulse edge adjustment is limited.

Figure 3  Built-in 46 kinds of arbitrary waveforms (including DC)

As shown in figure 3, SDG800 Series can output 5 kinds of standard waveforms and 46 kinds of commonly used waveforms, including common waveforms, mathematical functions, application functions, window functions and trigonometric functions.

 Figure 4  Multiple modulation function

As shown in figure 4, SDG800 Series support multiple modulation function: AM, DSB - AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep and burst.

Figure 5  Support PC editing software EasyWave

As shown in figure 5, SDG800 Series support powerful PC editing software EasyWave, which can output arbitrary waveform featured 14bit vertical resolution and 16Kpts wave length. EasyWave provides 9 standard waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, ExRise, ExpFall, Sinc, Noise and DC, which meet all engineers’ basic needs. In addition, it provides a variety of draw modes like manual drawing, straightline drawing(including horizontal straightline, vertical straightline, point-to-point straightline), coordinate drawing and equation drawing, making it easy to create complex waveforms. Multiple Document Interface management makes simultaneous multiple-waveform editing. SDG800 Series provides 10 nonvolatile storage spaces for arbitrary waveforms, and you can also edit and store more waveforms through EasyWave software.






Maximum output frequency




Output channels


Sampling rate

125 MSa/s

Wave length

16 kpts

Frequency resolution

1 μHz

Vertical resolution

14 bits


SineSquareRampPulseGaussian white noiseArbitrary waveform46 types of built-in arbitrary waveforms

Sine wave

1μHz ~ 5MHz

1μHz ~ 10MHz

1μHz ~30MHz

Square wave

1μHz ~ 5MHz

1μHz ~ 10MHz

1μHz ~10MHz


500μHz ~ 5MHz

500μHz ~ 5MHz

500μHz ~5MHz


1μHz ~ 300KHz

1μHz ~ 300KHz

1μHz ~ 300KHz

Gaussian white noise



>10MHz bandwidth-3dB



Arbitrary waveform

1μHz ~ 5MHz

1μHz ~ 5MHz

1μHz ~ 5MHz

Modulation function


Standard configuration

USB Host & USB Device

Amplitude (High resistence)

4mVpp~20VppHighZ, 2mVpp~10Vpp(50ohm)

Detailed performance parameters and technical guidance please refer toSDG800 Series DataSheet


● Simulate sensor
● Simulate environmental signal
● Circuit function test
● IC chip test
● Research and education

Standard Accessories

A power cord

A USB cable

A QuickStart Guide

A Warranty Card

An EasyWave arbitrary waveform editing software

A BNC to double alligator clip wire

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